Listen: "I love the Basketball Hall Of Fame"

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Jonathan Daniel
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A lot of controversy every now and then getting into the Hall Of Fame a lot of people don't that he deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame doesn't as an ambassador yes but not as a player right to put him as an in Boston on as a player but he was I guess I think it was how many years it in play was an eight time All Star he was an eight time All Star yeah location that's eight seasons he did any time on the wrong night a bit but it doesn't feel like he was healthy for four they got handed a but I Shaq and Iverson and I don't doubt at all first ballot easy No Doubt the other men and I've been there I love them play I love the Basketball Hall Of Fame I doubt it was fantastic I spent the entire day there I doubt it was incredible you know there's a lot of guys that are in the Hall Santa don't deserve to be there only Jamal Wilkes I definitely think Ralph Sampson isn't so they landed Iverson Don't Illya may time as a share this Jerry Reinsdorf for some reason disease the Bulls owner right now their own Garrett said I don't turn had nothing to do to six titles Reinsdorf some great time Durant early in the Hall Of Fame set point doesn't all the new water you know what I'm saying is Reinsdorf is not this Hall Of Fame owner if you have Michael Jordan on your team then net mention agree Notre bright doesn't exactly like he hasn't won we learned anything Jordan actual enough what is either without Michael Jordan he got into Hall Of Fame is a Michael Jordan that's only reasoning and there's no reason for Wright's Nash is going to get a baseball fan gave it any before owns a light socks anything corral he actually stop them from winning more titles because they should have been together in nineteen ninety night Phil Jackson was shut the side in shown the door because of ego reasons because a Crouse and his petting this and Reinsdorf should've been the mediator he should've been the Bigger man in facilitate and a professional way if anything riser should be an anomaly fans and owner what owner doesn't get in all fingers the players obviously good team does to the team's great you're gonna get an now have played a nod to get in asserted let's but is doing Iverson said about his game and so great mounting who's a nine point guard Iman attain.