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Listen: "Peyton Manning is retiring, he will be done after winning Superbowl fifty"

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Christian Petersen
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Bringing back a little cold played they you'll see halftime tonight along with the on say I guess brutal March dispose are going to be there as well as it was a surprise gets his after that I just a critical play was in big by themselves and Elijah bulk of just curious I never the advantage only five five two one two four two two seven on Twitter AP poll menos you don't want to call the can get through his issuing calling each week Meter Final prediction will put all didn't even average and a winner again to show from the middle said I callers of my biggest British driving is pretty easy Denver wins paid maybe since the podium on CBS Jim then says hello friends we'll be retiring and pay Minis will announce that he is retiring he will be done after winning Superbowl fifty his second Super Bowl ring he will of tied it line meaning Peyton Manning go back to Thanksgiving dinner and not having his head and Shane let's get to the phones eight five five two one two four two to several starting the Steel City Tom as it did spare you now he's on CBS Sports Radio.