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WWII Glider Pilot On (Crash) Landing Overloaded In Normandy

Mel Pliner, who served with the 436th Troop Carrier Squadron during WWII, recalls landing in his plywood glider carrying 36 troops the day after D-Day in Normandy.

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were out on us on the flight Larkin and my go either Bob assigned to isn't also Garden on the very own, and of a farce outs of that route where his sea of the runway detail section, is over the grass, , did never into can use sound and I got twenty-three troops survived wider I don't have twenty-six piece a cape but any other dried up I wanted to have a belief that felt they had more troops that they could carry was sent to go back to the last Friday, I wound up with thirty-three troops, , , and the maximum supposed to be twenty-six Novak Yost twenty-six hope their skinny, I was over loaded, I could do one or two thinks went taint kind to cut loose, I could cut, and claim of overload or jeopardizing Goforth adjust to foreign Lara board, when it came time to novo off, so off will go down the runway and only to see forty Sam but is up, geared up, and I'm still in runaway i do what it to thing now it has a little turned about six inches and Dianne but maybe a football with the pounds pressure and that operates your flaps and the breaks on the trip, I'd made a trip they tried got pressure before we even took off crew chief made sure of those tries had pressure for about halfway down a far sounds like runway C. forty seventh off like I said to do what it to face I could the board, or drop, flaps which I did, and we star did, off the runway he caught up to the rest of the formation, over the list Channel and a thousand feet, now that the global flight elevation until we get close to the limited so that we dropped down to five are good fate, reason being that if you're the lower you watch the board chances, if you get shot that wears a higher elevation takes longer so you're up over the English channel over the list character powerless airplane that's overload right on find a flattened out of airplane right there's there's no engine on this thing no power and you've got more weight than you're supposed to carry Night as we approach the coast with drop down on the five hundred feet cross to post a friends and here are off to buy right in land about twenty twenty-five Biles is the town of, it's a very lease, very famous indeed a lore yeah, I could see the full by right lico when land, and I get there, green light the red light and I tried loose I turned to the right and here is a Fielding from a trees about eighty feet are on a five hundred feet I come in and I do would those ties slip but I Tebow the trees, I see traveled down there, I don't see the dead what's so right away it tells me though bomb and by the Pirates set by era breaks, Lou tires is built tread on him, victory Rolling tired big cars I sat down a wet grass I'm still doing about eighty-five ninety miles now, and then drove was coming up pretty damn fast, five pull back on a wheel of far guard Kent, I look forward now the lieutenant is standing between the loaded the poppin up I was Cup Bob on the dollar right there, I told him before, so now return we're going alleges don't worry about the eyes Ok I did forward like that, and, they'd all of work, why would this goal medaled in that righty only Medal is the goals we all right and I jammed down like that that goes we'll came up through the flow of guided right there crocks ouch he fell back a hole, when I did down I broke the back of the Florida like that, and the bought above the Larger started to dig in to the West grabs, I came to a stop, with my right wing about ten feet from the droll now in order to open the room, Chicago duo of broke the back at to get the fire acts off the wall topped the door open we all get out they carried him out,