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Listen: "Some time in March will get a full Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers back you have that with this group"

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Events in the American history Johnny man Tilson new revelations about that incident with his now ex-girlfriend according to end the David filed a and a team that by he takes a as TV's in the Dallas then zilch girlfriend says he hit during a late night confrontation that she lost hearing in one year expect to hear more from this incident in on Johnny mans zelta in the coming days Let's go the basketball the Clippers have been on a hot streak they won again yesterday over the Miami HEAT will try to keep the winning streak going against the Philadelphia seventy six today led the Clippers with three Tippett said per for Ralph Lawler on this morning with clash in the last of talked about what he believes Doc Rivers likes most about the way the team is playing right now what he really like some time in March will get a full Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers back you have that with this group I guess is the couple two three weeks to get ready for the playoffs this was going to be a team to be reckoned with whatever they're seating and whoever they wind up playing first round the other big piece of India news Derek Fisher fired today by the New York Knicks after having lost nine of his last ten games Knicks have lost five in a row as well this report brought to you by Firestone complete I don't care what a card turns ninety its golden been did when the plays that keeps Carr's running new longer turns ninety its golden reason the party stop by your local Firestone complete now to get the standard oil changed rolling nineteen ninety nine SEA store driving Firestone dot com for the deals with every drive drive the Firestone I'm Sam Barber year listening to the Beast nine eighty where we three L.A. Sports return of walks into spring to depart fifth in crop after twenty years the Rams are coming in California this spring Fisher great bring Super Bowl or home sports is now L.A. win los Angeles separate history the loss.