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Listen: "One might look at evolution as a series of small little mutations"

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Tim Boyle
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And they really when the hardest things in runs life is to find where you really gifted and make your biggest impact and be able to do that is on the other starting impact so I don't know I don't worry too much about tacked I'm not greatest or Damian focused in what I'm good at one my looked at as illusion has a series of small little me tation and most of them new known don't do whom much but every now and again you might get a mean tation that's at the tail of the distribution in terms of its effect and then I think that then the fact that we have you know all these ally forms on earth today could be the result of all these tale of the distribution the patients rather than that the daily grind of communications right very much a sack what has become then prevailing demon evolutionary theory of the last twenty years as does look called evolution development or even OD though is that short handed speed on the field used any ideas that we learned is that so much of what happened in evolution is not controlled by the small changes in June but controlled by just a few yet have a powerful effect as a switch are Regulator and now known as Tony out again on the Bucks teams they're one to switch on entire portions of the body plan and felt Rushing for example I making intact you can switch on a ligament turned into an end to know turned into a mouth tarde the very very small change and one key gaining get a gigantic effect and people are realizing that they can make you know quite dramatic changes embody plans just by doing very small switches to meet controlling a regular handling guard detailing the distribution of sense and if we can kind of see them coming on thinking of something like Hurricane Katrina yes I've known was a rare rare Hurricane in terms of its four somewhere landed and all that but on the other hand we see Hurricanes many times every year this was still a tale of the distribution of enters a you know maybe the turnover tree now as well Sasha not even that big unknown none of being a meant to three one five.