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Is Florida The Next State To Legalize Marijuana?

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close to one thousand nine hundred resume by Tampa police last year included charges of possession of small bouts of marijuana the crime a first degree misdemeanor possible by up to one year in prison or probation in a one thousand dollar fide offenders can also lose their driver's license for two years to making it tough to hang on to a job plus if you get convicted you got the lifelong stigma of a criminal record a bar to jobs and law enforcement in the armed services and eligible for public housing and some calls dollars of any of the find somebody who can bring we'd you true that so they all for like less than twenty grams of we it's time that we finally wake up and smell two thousand sixteen and now Tampa can change all that with its new moved to join communities including Miami-Dade Palm Beach County that last year adopted laws allowing police to issue civil citation instead of pursue jail time for people caught with less than twenty grams of marijuana when it no that's also that a solid right there about and I'm sure the cops would tell you that they would prefer this is well no cup wants to take a due to jail for having five grams of marijuana what we're doing this why don't we just going to legalize the because says we can pass it last time right in the coming in going to do what needs to be done we might as well make it official by vote for that yes over the government we're such a backward state were so behind the times I surprise or even at this point with a look at it just issues this is this is in real life to me so you step gigantic step and this is a step towards legalization first got decriminalization that you've got legalization