Listen: "While skating on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand"

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Maddie Meyer
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Eighty one four now here's a ninety five sports how bad luck Burrows made the Florida Panthers five four in overtime last night again that a lot of back and forth Panthers at fifty one shots on net they rallied from four one down in the second period maneuver Lee Stempniak scored the game-winner in added two assists giving him six points in four games with his new team all skating on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand that's gon na in finance young for today's to greet players to play Mulligan evergreen year so for me it's trends to complement them and anonymous it up to this point today was a good win despite two on the lead it's nice to stick with it be to two points with the victory Claude Julien also became the winningest regular season head coach and Bruins history the team visits Tampa Bay tonight per game with seven with they've goes through mob Verizon than we live on the daily is not a good five The Sports Hub Bruins Radio Network face off at seven thirty Patriots of resign restricted free agent to be Jim devil in full one-year contract Celtics health Memphis tomorrow night they could get the help to Kelly Olynyk of practice yesterday he's been out since the All-Star break with a bad shoulder he says while the shoulder still sore he wouldn't rule out playing against the Grizzlies also yesterday Marcus Smart find fiftieth out in AHLers by the league this is after an obscene gesture against the next last Friday night in the Phoenix Suns six seven for Tony Clark to a ten day contract Clark seven averaging about seventeen points a game for main of the D League.