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Listen: "Another super man in the Super Bowl and that was in 1988"

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Rob Carr
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What's going I've done oh yes I was caught on the make a comment about his statement they jam knew the mighty yeah a lot DNA black wanna back will you if you were mama some of the simple civil man in the Super Bowl my was in nineteen eighty eight when these John Elway An quarterbacks with Williams twenty-eight years ago today twenty-eight as ago this very day the Washington Redskins scored 35 points in the second quarter against the Denver Broncos Denver jumped out to a ten nothing leave in that game ever about point forward Washington completely inner utterly dominated the game Tammy Smith Doug Williams Harry Clarke Art Monk Ricky centers clicked Clint Davey I tremendous Redskins team but you're right twenty-eight years ago today yes when I'm slammed so you know maybe be inby pee on a good plan that we know gave they gave me no risk that happened again you man i don't even think he whipped a Disneyland did i I you know I don't know I don't healthy did code a Disney world so when I am Anderson this Maybe that's what I can do that in the back of his his gifts that you know that dugout way he did get his new people if they have to think negative Dickerson and Blackmon hands mind you know insane Donnie Doug Williams did go to Disneyland James looked up he did in fact go today i know it's a go out when they did that no because they were playing in the paper that up that he'd been gives chipped a Super Bowl into his and I have but but what I am saying that to you is that maybe that's with good move him have we haven't gotten my brain not maybe that's the cam Newton has had in the back end is on you know Yeah I don't I don't know and I don't know if I have no idea can news figure out that Williams I don't I mean but it is 2016 show me where we have been critical or people up in critical of Kim Newton aside from the celebrations which he but they are three can new people were critical of of all the guys for the most part the go out there and celebrate on the field yeah Jimmy I I go back to Palm Landry when he stopped all the celebration I mean that just being in you know him aside it you know that's part of the game I enjoy legacy him celebrate you know him it is time to know who to will boil with it yeah I mean I just only to see score a touchdown you know done it doesn't bother me you go out there you're team is down double digits you make a tackle you're celebrating you know I've done issues that so there's there's a time and place from make a sack teams down 20 in the fourth quarter i found a place I tell you Sosa time place where everything right so you know they got pick you're spots and and that is not exactly the spot I'd be looking at.