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Listen: I say that because we all slip a lot

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Otto Greule Jr
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I say that because we all slip a lot is how they they no perfection he has no reporters receiver they can get any separation they're they're not running the ball really effectiveness an their defense to me is really evolved so I know South great because As you know he's been a great quarterbacks but the me I think then I haven't Jordy Nelson at this point in the season is really selling you know six goals and hand you know they have the weapons that easily had So I would rather take them the Gaza which is you know I get ideas that made with Aaron Rodgers is that pass a possibility he could put the team on his back an just crush you're hope to dreams I do think there's less in a chance and that old Teddy Bridgewater at Adrian Peterson then there is with Aaron Rodgers and I certainly and I certainly from Redskins want no part in Seattle Seahawks yeah yeah I wanna see them the night to anybody Minnesota gimme wanted him absolutely Steve Good luck to wins his my friend so I thought he makes without too soon eight five five two one two four CBS I will subsets a couple made so we come back you know Twitter 10 NBA star is on a rant some up will say little up tonight CBS Sports Radio.