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Listen: "I love the game of football, it is my first love"

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Ezra Shaw
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I love the game a football it is my first low I think a lot of people feel that way this is America we love the NFL's we love football America there is admiration for there's respect for and when guys respect the game back you can help a lot a guy like that so while will focus on Cam Newton and the postgame it is secrecy City had that just didn't go over well and really shouldn't go over well was a bad way to handle a press conference and I can make no excuse for there's also guys on this team that paid a dear Price physically to try to get over the hump guys who were told that they were going to play again who've made great living playing in the NFL's and came very very close to it and where that window is starting to close on an even very young team and the same thing goes for guys with the Denver Broncos what we romanticize about the game will get back to the concussion talks will get back to injury talks whether or not football will be a rondon twenty years but tonight is one of those shining examples of Yanda dummy you know what you're getting into but there's also the conversation that happens for Peyton Manning his legacy were Peyton Manning is going to go after this what's going to happen the Cam Newton what's Cam Newton the learn from this football game so many reactions to this game so we'll take your calls eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two win two four two two seven Terry in Oregon your next up on CBS Sports Radio.