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Your Toddler's Social Skills Can Predict Their Success As An Adult

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better life with Doctor Sanjay Gupta, forget that were standardized test an extra pretty directed maybe your child social skills that will best predict their success as an adult i'm Dr Sanjay Gupta CNN'S chief medical correspondent children who were helpful and sharing kindergarten are more likely to have graduating college and have a full-time job at age twenty five that's according to a recent Penn State study children with problems resulting conflicts sharing cooperating listening is getting orders were less likely to finish high school in college we're more likely to have substance of these problems and run-ins with the law it's a child doesn't lay nice in the sand box it doesn't necessarily mean they do not by any means the research greatly shows that these are the types of skills are now able says the studies lead author Damon Jones in fact much more mail Udall and something like IQ, i'm Doctor Sanjay Gupta helping you live a better life,