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Listen: "Manning will announce his retirement at a press conference Monday"

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It's an interesting stories in college and pro football beginning with the felt were the biggest story multiple reports saying that Manning will announce his retirement at a press conference Monday at a full media reports that Manning inform Denver between shy away head coach Gary Kubiak of a through eighth last night the Broncos have already reportedly offered Brock Osweiler three year deal with forty-five million down years when it gives the Pistons a winning on the road to begin a six game road trip starting in Denver on Tuesday night pitch at the day off after falling to the table warriors footed fifty six and Friday for the Lakers and according to multiple reports he's After fired Phil Hughes with their head coach yesterday and the University of Illinois reporter covering in Lovie Smith come to bail and was let go by the Bucs this offseason to take over for the O line ion champagne with U.S. Conference tournament's continuing to game after facing will even million Baltimore initiating minds maximize field against Monday by going to taking on Seattle you current close out their season hosting New Seattle now heading to the unsuitable a tournament for the first time since nineteen sixty two Spring Training Yankees facing the Phillies in Clearwater Masahiro Tanaka the down coverage on the fans started twelve fifty-five the Mets are in Port St. Lucie to take on the Braves and in the MHL Islanders and Rangers from him as give via the Devils host the thing was coverage on a fan of four fifty and y si se at Chicago that could be a fun to be a fan dot com to begin their season while Rory McIlroy had made free throws with twelve under the World Golf Championship at Trump National Adams scout Dustin Johnson three strokes behind with reportedly twenty minutes Jacob Watkins WWF am twenty twenty-four listen for your tends to see the Big East championship game at Madison Square Garden starting tomorrow we got six here's a day to give away with more in court but I mean going Robertson might frame says so keep your radio locked into win here on your flagship station for the Big East championship game next saturday though fan sports radio sixty six AND one oh one nine FMAM W Anthony in and WWF eighty and at them new York he is the water heater recommended by Contractors for your business or home Bradford White water heaters American-owned up american Made built to be the best search Bradford White dot com to find a contractor.