What Did Culinary Habits Of World War I Have To do With The Great Depression

Jane Ziegelman, co authors of "A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression", talks about the culinary connection between world war I and the great depression

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every grain of tweet was being sent to broad so Americans for encouraged to eat corn muffins and when the war, doesn't sound like all that much of a sacrifice fly corn muffins, one of the Dietary changes were encourage during the worst away to support the troops who brought chain, well the worst there were several of them, men, one of the important things it was find ways to ship the me to the boys overseas so women came up with all kinds of really interesting meet substitutes, that some, I think of as below for dishes so they were, meek lists the low risk, made from combinations, beans and not and eggs, bound to gather, packed into a Los and then slice stop and serve with some kind of, gravy, , this was classic, world War one food which actually came back during the depression as we found out researching the spark a lot of the foods, that people turned to out of necessity during the first World War turned out to be a kind of dress rehearsal for what would happen later during that depression