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Listen: "It's just good solid football business"

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Doug Pensinger
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Matthew Stafford one time right as in or getting Stafford more toys to play with Stafford this forgetting Stafford that they they did you know improve their offensive line they did improve the talents of law to protect Matthews true but I mean that that's protecting the quarterback that's not saying we're gonna get we have a quarterback with obvious deficiencies that we need to somehow mask it was it's just good solid football business look we always thought the East always build from the inside out build the trenches and that's what he did Decker on Day one dates who Robinson and an Glasgow and there's a pretty good day here's Bob Quinn on that second day we had a great you know second day at the draft really was pleased with our to selections with Tom a Shaun Robinson and not Graham Glasgow two guys we spent a lot of time with an brought out it's going time coaches who it was a good well-rounded that everyone took part in the process and I felt really good about the two selection we made I'd have you watch the draft all on Friday Shaun Robinson was in Chicago and he was Melissa start was as we goes these Lee had Capri answer whatever those his white Pence would win with plenty right and when he when he was introduced as now my got its Greg OD is like the old as his twenty-one years all a look to ease his forty and at the conference call was talking about how he would he was like for He was playing with eight years old eight year old's and his mom had to bring the birth certificate to prove he was all the nuff the play here is he ought addressing the age issue on a conference call could find another knows you know News you know others people look no further than what you on this and I think he's going to pretty did been good player a lot of people had him is as a first round hyper had him enough I think.