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Listen: "In i'm with my medical information on know that" SYRIA

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Taylor Weidman
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In i'm with my medical information on know that cbs news of so i'm jordan good in syria today the ceasefire appeared to be a holding boss is a man be less of were lining up to evacuated first those meeting medical attention mensa billions and militants from eastern the let those guy news reporter john sparkly know that there are one thousand wounded people who are ready to go we know that the international red cross is ready to receive them with ten on be of its is with one hundred voluntary so they are ready to go through in the boss a started rolling someone started firing on them three more people wounded according the local sources meantime british chief of defense staff steward pretty says ices fighters or blending in with those leaving conflict areas with the potential of my grade into places in the west later on including britain and the us how we manage identity in the world wet people to deliberately trying to destroy their identity documents and all that movie migrants flows cbs news update i'm jim chenevey thing colder tonight with clouds giving way to some clearing the low going down to twenty seven degrees tomorrow sunshine of a mixed with some plow that colder at an ailing the high time by a thirty eight heading into tomorrow night's guys will be turning out rounder cloudy the load twenty four then we'll see plenty of clouds around for the day on friday along with a spotty shall or two in the afternoon high friday forty nine degrees on accu weather meteorologist and yelling at all pft are you looking for the perfect home the my quickly offers a be happy home buyer program they can provide you with already access to properties before they hit the market that's what they called unfair advantage well eight eight.