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We're Running Out Of Helium - Here's Why

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Oli Scarff VCG Philipp Guelland Matt Cardy Sean Gallup
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elaborate when you say we're running out a few Liam I mean I can still get a from my party balloons yes you can and I can still get it for my lab, but this is sort of an apparent issue, so it was second most abundant element in the universe but on earth it's actually a scarce and non for noble element, so all of that Healy him on earth comes from a radio active decay, the Ukrainian and Torrey M. these are heavy elements that sometimes break apart until later elements including , and this healing him is that extract dead from natural gas lines where it's down and very small percentages and once it's released into that was here that items are so light that eventually they escape into perspective but so what you're saying is that they, have we you know collective out of gas Wells or wherever we're collecting it from that that's scheme that's actually been made inside the earth as these, having radio active elements decay just natural radio activity is making a little bit Healy him, absolutely, so The House lights of the most common I Soto, if you rainy and is over four billion years, so it takes a really long time to actually make the Healey and that we have on our