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Listen: "Kiefer Sutherland announced yesterday that he's putting on album - called Down In a Hole"

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That's all I like I like it keeper Sutherland guilty charged with anything is an actor but if you're singer as well oh I guess we'll find out Keefer announced yesterday that he's putting on album he's putting on an album yes Kevin that's what I just said that's up where he was putting up in album putting on an elbow called down in a hole down in a hole down in a hole yeah got it really it's niche man of debate still trying to are you also won this is Earp do my part he said to commit described as Folk changed music I'm guessing Ben Joseph in Bank of a wanna put away John fan Joes I know I'm out he is also doing it twenty-six City tortoise apart to support that album starting in mid April so with any lucky to be able to see Q for live most actors to decide Hey I can say end up in the Russell over the Kanter reached category but every once in a while it Jared letter were somebody come along to go well I guess are just good at both thinks so I don't know what I don't know what Keefer Steelers maybe he's recount I'm looking for to down in the hole I always look forward to it down and Don't worry those does mean is giving is acting career up he's already committed doing ABC politically drama in the upcoming TB season called designated survivor will be the star that keeping series so it is more acting C keeper on the way but now is that will side project but he did say no to the related twenty-four enough enough with that with.