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Listen: Jodie have a comment and a question and you mentioned Bryan Kelly going the thee NFL

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Rich Schultz
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About Jodie have a comment and a question and you mentioned Bryan Kelly going the thee NFL My gut feeling is the pros are gonna be where he about college coaches and might have chipped Kelly and light and Steve Bernier you know the results have not been good college head coaches becoming pro coaches That's just my feeling they keep like the guy you know he talked to the Eagles Bryan Kelly would like to go pros but I don't know that's a smart feeling that's fair the tip Kelly experiment in Philadelphia what is they failure i there are some people called the bits of a disaster the one ten and six in ten attempts in the first two years that did win a playoff game and that's kind of where you hire coach for us to make While run win playoff games and the fact that they've trended backwards every single years what kind of fired is much is anything else they were all the mitigating factor but that we surely part of it he can't core the success and I think you're right it does need everyone in the National Football League a little bit about college coaches but Bryan Kelly is in tip Kelly they share a last name but there to different guys Bryan Kelly is more great people person one of the big reasons that should tell you no longer the coach a pro Duffy Eagles is He didn't manage people well here's very good at managing 18 nineteen-year-old 20 row kids at or a guy and managing of their adults was in tip Kelly is Best trait Bryan Kelly will be better then that anybody who interviews and will know that so while I'll tell you you're point is is accurate it probably heard some a little Lee gets any sit down every gets interviewed for the job then they decide on whether you're good now take over their Teemu the while people in interviews and you get jobs or you go in and you blow job they conveying that you are the top choice you're the best fit for their organization you go win an and you don't get what they wanna see oh yeah they know in a direction i think Kelly will talk NFL teams when I say Kelly I mean Notre Dame Kelly not Philadelphia slash org I'm telling Bryan Kelly will get a chance to interview person jobs everyone some I did Green article yesterday where he said yeah I kind of like you know today mom and charger everything and that would camp Kelly realized when he got to Philadelphia took the job was rate a get out or a gun yen see a I would come but it is heels because you remember when Eagles fired Andy Reid their first choice which shipped out went to a talked item chip Kelly said thank you know an Eagles interviewed other candidates and then he eventually Circle back to tip Kelly because tip Kelly let it be known he may Reid think it's a position staying indoor gun 30 both put be full court press signed Browns were involved to Kelly Cleveland but he did so an didn't wisely and got the pull five-year contract out of a did he wanted in over six million practice so get paid big time could be Eagles Rielly were high on him But he didn't push for full power legal sit just come off Andy Reid having that kind of power and they wanna go to a more traditional general manager working with the coach of player personnel set up well that lasted two years before tip Kelly realized you know really like the when everything I said with Gospel as it was up in Oregon Andy he with strong arm Jeff Kelly in the given 'em that but Jeff glory in the giving him that power but he did not do well with it did not work well with it and I pinkie picked up Jeff Lowrie enough in his Monday day at the press conference taking no blamed for these this man playing of the roster boy got in Oregon up Gibbons walking papers if Kelly and I mean Bryan.