Listen: "I have liked her from the time she was on Monday Night Football, I've also like the way that Rachel Nichols has grown into what she's become"

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Justin Edmonds
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Reporters that are in sports it is it it is a tougher road because again a lot of these women get Accused of just being a pretty face on TD and a lot of them are excellent what they do you know I love I love Melissa stark Yes I love will have loved Willis is stark since she was a pretty face on Peter right through to break but yeah she's very good at what he does very very good at what she does very very good really talent I have liked or from the Chargers on Monday Night Football I've also I like the way that Rachel Nichols has grown into what she's become racial kick-started she was a little rough around the edges yeah right right definitely grown in and grown up in her and her role in she's really good at and I'll tear right now in a room full reporters The only one Knicks slapped Roger Goodell across the faces Ravens an Eiffel The of the AHL everyone else was like Oh yeah commissioner about this video I mean you not really going to you know B now you know commissioner right I mean you're not going to right and she's like wait a minute hold on you mean to tell me Nobody saw this coming here I really like well right right Adam Wright added and here in years ago everyone in that room at a chance nobody took advantage of the butter and he was really condescending tour member well ran chill right when they do they have a rough time I don't I know a lot of women in the business I've talked to many many women in the business his stuff so to have a bed rough times to you doing this for a living talk radio never this fabulous sports baby yeah I give are all the twelve occurred in the world did so it's hard to do because you I can get like most guys can get away with making a few mistakes like by Miske if I miss pronounce a player's name to those forty in slip or whatever women can't do that they just can't so I get there is a lot of credit doesn't it was pretty emotional on the Stanton this in this just can imagine having to do what a television interview inferno millions of people to prove the point tear Bossy hit this that a new to video on the internet of your was not a publicity start I feel myself quite a few times over the last you can just few months being Mike I wish there was you known women more Women.