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What Does The Future Hold For Robots?

Chuck Thorpe, a senior scientist at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute talks about the surprising effect of consumer-driven behavior on the developments of robots.

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weighty you think our robots are headed now and Andy's The, main just of getting self driving cars is that the main thrusts, that we're seeing today, well it certainly is is one of the areas using his robotic technology and everything from self driving cards to assistance for visually impaired people to better factories, but there are some surprises became a long that we didn't expect, we expected this gradual growth of rough train robots this, surely rapid growth of factory robots nobody in ninety-four anticipated the rhumba, there are no I believe about eight times many robot vacuum cleaner all of the robots in the world put together, and you can go out and find two hundred videos of caps riding around on their room but was on YouTube, the notion of getting a robot and every home, and getting people to treat them like their paths and getting the Pats to treat them like their pats, that was something that we really haven't anticipated that's pretty exciting