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Listen: "Lebron is definitely one, Steph has become one, and maybe the Warriors in general"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Flight and that never happened deal that always even though we don't pay attention to nor lends Davis is absolutely breathtaking when he's on and he is still and will always be I think for the next five seven nine years whatever it is his prime is going to be one of these players that you buy a ticket to go see there's not many of those players of the and be a how many guys when they come in to tell you go I got to go see that guy LeBron's definitely one steph has become one a maybe the Warriors in general Westbrook are two of them but how many guys do you go I got to go see that guy anybody says that about Dwayne Wade any more I don't think anybody says that about Melo anymore I don't think people say that about Derrick Rose anymore Paul George when you're talking about a very finite select group of guys that when they come three go I got to go see that guy Anthony Davis even though the Pelicans haven't won anything and are terrible this year are one of those guys now Davis is this kind of next generation of player where it doesn't feel like he is knocking on the door of having to win now or else who knows rate Le Brun got through that Glass ceiling and Tim Duncan has been there a million times and Colby is one all is championships and now Steph is won a title as well and so I don't think there's many players that you say well they've got a win now or ALS and for the Cavaliers you say they've got a win now or pretty close to now because who knows how long the bronze going to be LeBron's but in terms of players I think this is interesting knowing how good Anthony Davis says he's definitely a top five player in the and be a top six player in the and be a probably a little higher on his best nights not many can go fifty nine in twenty hell he might be the top two or three players in the and be a Good question the best player in the and be a right now that has never won in and be a title or will flip it around what player would you most want to see when it and be a title because when there are guys of that type of greatness I always wish I always hold that they and with at least one title one two one chance to taste the championship one chance to taste that moment confetti coming down and he knew the Larry O'Brien Trophy and getting that like Dirk Nowitzki got that always felt as though that was cut his perfect molded for him even though the massive been really good for a long time and the Magic had lost in the Finals before and maybe when Dirk finally want it he was not at the height of his powers always felt like that was a great redemption for Nov. it's key a sure-fire Hall of Famer and really what a great scorers men be a history what a great players then be history to finally get it done the deal is not one one but he's not knocking on the door having to win one in the next couple years I think the guys for me the comes.