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The Markets Still Surge After Trump's Winning

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Carl Court
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The to be with us a good giving tuesday to you hear something we haven't heard lately stocks were off a bit yeah in fact wentz talks fell just a little yesterday it's not the longest winning streak in twenty years for the russell two thousand index elsewhere though the dow jones industrial average us and p five hundred and naz dak also edge lower has been a weeks long rally since election day that sent all three in deceased to fresh records again on friday but how long can the good times last here's ginnell more today personal finance reporter at the washington post you know what you hearing of course market i'm predict the ball but please and the election had been completed with being the rowdy pretty strong mean i mean that nineteen and we get it even with the loss it that way so we'll be it the question of wentz going on wire really follow baiting with the election ripple what we need to be a cunt to me a permanent give them of course even though there's no way to know for sure well market for our doing we can come a little bit about what it is that people are hoping that donald trump will do run into that is why so along those lines and what are investors hearing.