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Listen: "What is the risk vs award for having separate LLCs?"

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Scott Barbour
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Ninety-nine turned in his through anytime my name in hockey five thousand a question as Hall what is it he did it yet if you have real level to put in a lot that but now the net what it will benefit of that but that again what are the Reds are award benefit before the age Hall yet he was great he LL be thank you this three little still other reward for that she just increase in cost the future of those LLC Zach to file tax returns do their own accounting for each and I understand the purpose the purpose is to try to protect your personal assets than in the other than other LOL fee from other from people suing the or whatever but there's a better way to do in my opinion and that is to get the high to limit insurance on those properties whomever what's going to happen what happens people and wonder probably hurt themselves in the gonna shooting what are you going to the poppy burned now okay those are things you need to ensure you can ensure yourself against and then in get a very high umbrella women on all three properties and just haven't Min one LLC no you can to three but then you're gonna have to have you know fried different limited liability corporations and in three different tax returns or the other keep track of all the specific cautioned everything per properly it just making you like more complex that's not how I did that night had numerous proficient one time I did it the way I described one under one umbrella I won one eight one.