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Listen: Right so there is more tables Bryant stay others get read if the Broncos

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Rob Carr
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From the Pittsburgh Steelers as they head out the Denver the play the divisional round of the playoffs whatever personal goals as a wide receiver What do most looking for to this weekend and he's the competition is very very men's Grovers Parise will be a March have missed a program never played of course or means I'm telling you gotta be worried you're oxygen levels out there I played one time then I get dehydrated so quickly so you stay on top of that this weekend even though you're on the road you banged up be going up against Peyton Manning in a great defense you feel like you gonna get to the next level of the playoffs that we know we talk about so you know we have a injuries or so are so one of those purple person abundantly Liz purple into the team's farm Well good luck this weekend Marc Davis will be room for you so you right so there is more tables Bryant stay others get read if the Broncos moderate injuries though you know and all of the running back's best with did a Williams likely not going I was like you see in the replay would hurt his ankle and recording artist ankle Warriors Eichel you know cause and you kind of see at some time he's now he twisted it that bad Braden then ultimately you could say was the problem not the Black it so I hope we do is give it a shot the goal because without a run game and they number one defense and get after the quarterback for an mobile Ish Groth was burger who's gonna compromise shoulder it could get ugly and Denver it could it could have been seen like right now the skills that much fish up to win this game I got a question about Big Ben but what he said after the game he other night where Woody look down a problem so they don't all call that went let's local that again I can throw a bet for down the field it is truly compromise nobody questions this man's Great guy while toughness He is a based man but if he is professionally compromise any simply can throw the ball With Eddie Jews twenty-five 30 yards down the field when you better go to play Landry Jones so kids no chance so chance cause Landry Jones doesn't have be mid to make up yet spread this stage we saw last weekend gets in the game he looks like a deer in the headlights it goes a ridiculous Lee bad pass the essentially in the game until the Bengals screwed up by by fumbling and then obviously would be to build Liza did talk about that now seems already this this this week it is His you're mentality as a team even when you know the guys hurt but you know these Delta before and you and you just it's kind of like hope and I just hope he rise above whatever is injury is but that hope was better than the lack of confidence but a backup quarterback brings in this type a situation I mean when you focus on the Bud Selig it can't possibly you know or do that were will challenge that but they have evolved Nolan Ryan or from more modern example who's you knows the best if if I'm Kershaw and like only through eighty three miles an hour you know what I read the problem right have some real spent yeah but they baseball's different cause the so what's so much more baseball's a mano a mano game as much as we wanna talk about it is a team sport it is they they would be against you I'm giving you out and once you put the ball.