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One Thing You Should Always Teach Your Dog

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we're a big as a kid like a line center of teaching dogs how to swim you know that tragically every year a dog will fall into a pool we we see hundreds of dogs that fall to pools and they drowned all the all dogs know how to swim know they do not there many breeds that have no idea how to swim you know I didn't see ladder retrievers instinctively did know how to swim so teaching your dog how to swim is a really smart thing to do going find that the city that maybe has a pool or which we do our facility in Connecticut but I'll tell you there's a lot of facilities out there that are adding pools to they're going to take years and boarding facilities do is one lesson get you gotten a pool if you're gonna go swimming yourself but on a sweatshirts or even a wet suit and into life check an underdog help manipulated reason why say the web cities that actually protect your skin from being with this trends bother pause I like to teach a puppy put him in a pool seea they know how to swim and then I got to teach them how to get out of the pool so once I see that my daughter swimming I really need to make sure that they know how to get out where the stairs are you know at the level of dog that pool everything kind of looks the same so fighting with the stairs are can be very difficult what I do is define where the stairs are sometimes put up a big France were plants or a statue by the stairs and that women the dogs in the water from his you point he can see with a stairs are I show them over and over and over put him in a pool how to get out put in the cool how to get out and this is a great way because of your dog ever accidentally falls the pool he's the know how to get himself out and you could save dog's life