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Listen: "Elsewhere Kevin Ollie continues to work his magic"

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Ethan Miller
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Given Google with the gong less would one as Hall held on for the sixty-nine a sixty-seven win over number three going away and guard Isaiah Whitehead was named turning them BP scoring twenty-six points also in the dance for the first time in ten years elsewhere Kevin Ollie continues to work his magic you kind of answers to the AAC final of the seventy-seven a sixty-two win over Temple they were Harden was pretty much of great anymore honest and warns almost did too Hilton thirty-six percent Oakland manager Tuesday you know we won video Huskies take on Memphis at three fifteen a ten semis the Barclays Center same Joe's be Dayton eighty-two seventy-nine ABC role Davidson seventy-six fifty-four a ten title game tips off at twelve thirty stunning Brooks finally broke through in the American League East after reaching the tournaments final four times in the past five seasons it was study broke beating Vermont eighty seventy-four to know warning draw forty-three for the SeaWolves Buffalo punch there ticket when the max sixty-four sixty whatever Akron around the country number seven North Carolina when the ACC beating fourth rank Virginia sixty-one a fifty-seven number one Candice takes the Big twelve eighty one seventy won over nine prank West Virginia number eight Oregon smoke number twelve Utah eighty-eight to fifty-seven the pack twelve Donald semifinal action Big Ten second ranked Michigan State ever number eighteen Maryland sixty-four to six two one thirteenth ranked per newbie Michigan seventy-six fifty-nine so it's Michigan State against Purdue at pre a clock as CC Kentucky in Texas a M move on while gets beat Georgia and I am over LSU as CC title gets underway at one on a netted bids are in Hampton Arkansas a little rocks Fresno State Louisiana Monroe southern Weaver State's Stephen at Boston C Su Bakersfield and a Wide busy night on the ice that's.