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Tiki and Tierney Talk About: Austin, CBS, Walmart, Duncan donut, Chuck Tennessee [Dec 24 2015]

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Sean M. Haffey
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Hi Austin Christmas Ada weathered racial merry Christmas to per share to calling it they listen you put on them very wonderful point about ten minutes ago and I wanna start with analogy informal question look at McDonald's for example where I have they made more changes the menu over the past five years and they did the five decades Pryor and the reason is because you were a custom right but customers were patronize and their franchise now complaining to a business is useless when agreements consumer forward and maybe immediately by that consumer early consuming more reason then the business we have make any changes we only bottom more an offense well enough elderly complained and we buy season tickets are we hear the Niners made a great stadium it's more for concerts rather then and then that ball game alerted the consumers do they went spent sixty thousand dollars just for the right by the ticket that not Insanity anyway Ryan to them getting pissed off just talking about a but happen if you and everyone let's make us appreciated the downs sentiment happy holiday season because of the world those up turning disk and others earlier Boston's analogy is perfect and that I mean is that really The basis of what were talking about you know I used always use Starbucks and Duncan donut or Walmart and target you know if you didn't like one you went to these other Willie NFL doesn't deal with that you know they'd you don't go across the street freer NFL There is no across the street to go to ands in large part despite people trying to emulate ESPN and making a run at some of their types of programming For the most part ESPN is the same way there's no or go across the street where you're comfortable getting you're sports news in terms of you know not just the sport center but some of the shows and some of the things that they've done better ingrained in you over the years so when you're in that situation when their competition either is on its way it's coming but not there yet or there is no competition as in the NFL It is difficult to force change and it is difficult to be taken seriously unless they're dealing any financials get and there's no indication as Austin just said that they're feeling a financials That so that's why we are where we are and that's why many are so pessimistic that they'll be any changes and that's why Terry McCollum is crew coming off Arizona Coming off Carolina the Giants is gonna work this week Arizona Green Bay because there's no there's no penalty for them working are you now not going to watch the game course not your go watch it you were going to know if you weren't going to you're still not going to know change Chuck Tennessee next on CBS sports radio.