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Listen: I I think a lot of it hinges on the running back's

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How do you think overall The Steelers are prepared now for this post season wasting their flaws we've seen some of their flaws get exposed to at times like their secondary throughout the year other running game a little bit but the cornerback issues but how well do you think they're prepared now fur per what's to come i I think a lot of it hinges on the running back's an eye talking to and David a Castro Tijuana line after the game he said this assist like they shovel he said it's like he ended last season were way beyond bell was hurt in the last game of the year and the Steelers didn't have him the playoffs and they had you know five foot to three Archer out there running back because he would be only guy they had who knew the place to bring in people like Ben tape on one weeks noted a half Fitzgerald to sign who has the coolest named Andy NFL and uses far as far as I know at least one of he's he's been around for a little bit but but he also hit he knows the playbook so that's a plus but The drop-off you know that that there's always a lot of ways you could make a case that uses Steelers MVP this year just because of the way he was able to fill the void left by in byby lady on Bell the drop-off from from Williams to you know to start their whomever and that's huge an and it's gonna be very difficult and then to make that up that having said that Steelers as Cincinnati is almost always eight winning formula by their two things going on their number one the Bengals hadn't won a playoff game in over twenty-five years so there's a that but the Steelers they haven't won a postseason game since they beat the Jets in the AFC championship game in the twenty ten season so there's there's a couple postseason losing streaks going on here answer something is gonna have to give on Saturday night Please tell me that we've heard be end of be Mike Tomlin need to be fired a crisis for now the deciding Game on Twitter I'm sure you hear them all the time well that's just a cheap talk show topic you know why shouldn't say give away are secrets in this business but but said the Raiders nobody read it is ayou know ringing up Jay I'm not the one is bringing up I think it's ridiculous I'm hearing i'm Sergeant I'm hearing from fans in Pittsburgh who think you need to be fired well that yes that's that's that's gonna happen you know he won with towers players and blah blah blah but it's in but that's the one thing that that is you you could really holding I mean this clock management issues but I think every team in the league probably sets in the Patriots they disappoint talks issues but but you know clock management seems to be a problem around the league andand that's a but that's been an issue which would Palmer and his staff for a number of years regardless whether super sale answer Todd Haley as the coordinator with no I mean Todd Tomlin has I mean let's let's face it this is it is a stable in organization is there is which is one reason by the way the Marvin Lewis still has a job in Cincinnati is because Paul.