Listen: "With nba record thirty four point to the cavs" basketball roundup

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Taylor Weidman
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But winning we've got one right it doesn't even into the the ball if battling thirty that why twenty why you're on my going cavaliers radio the caroms over the blazers one thirty seven warren twenty five ever lob with nba record thirty four point to the cavs forty six forty first quarter he finished with forty lebron james is forty fourth for a triple double thirty one points ten rebounds and thirteen assess we cavaliers have a franchise record with twenty three pointers elsewhere clippers over the mavericks won twenty four won all four warriors the plumber lakers one forty nine what i was sick steph curry thirty one points kevin durant would twenty eight was the pelicans over to all one seventy ninety six spurs one nineteen four to twenty fourteen chance what always nuggets eighty brady raptors over the rockets one fourteen one oh two pistons when i was seven he'd eighty four celtics one eleven mets ready to the hawks over the pacers ninety six eighty five suns ninety two reggie eighty seven double overtime the grizzlies over the sixers one oh four ninety nine college basketball number one kentucky over cleveland state one oh one seventy number for north carolina he was carted seventy one fifty six in overtime louisville over older million sixty eight sixty two to topple him america eighty eight sixty seven number two goal about or charleston sixty three forty seven and i thought triple header on tap for thanksgiving day get started twelve thirty eastern time in motown as matthew stafford the lions face the vikings for the second time in four we're you know really good defense a really good team in really well coach so i'm we'll have our hands full but as far as a preparation standpoint doesn't seem like too long arms look in a film of these guys and with rivera taunts arlington with the redskins take on the cowboys them primetime colton steelers colts quarterback andrew luck has been ruled out because of a concussion scott tolzien will get the start in his place baseball according to _e_s_p_n negotiations between the owners in the players association of progress to the point the bears optimism agreement could be reached before a lockout is impose and a child payne wins over the rangers six to wanted alex ovechkin what a hat trick the caps top the blues sport a for a lightning over the flyers for to the sharks beat the blackhawks to to wanted also what a shootout doubles five least for rp the schwartz we've got while till walsh.