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Listen: which is pretty unusual for such arrest Suns date on

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Cities doing pretty well yeah arts or define on that front then when there's one interesting thing they're a bunch of Florida cities she's on the best performing Winston basically what that shows you it's Florida has has bounced back from a huge housing best they had their it's more and it was wanna be first areas where the housing busted actually launched population for a year to which is pretty unusual for such arrest Suns date on but flirting back populations going again you know it it seems to have recover intimate should they're doing really well their upward statement she gains lake limbs an tell a weapon and set right now were speaking with Yahoo fine it's columnist Rick Newman he's gonna piece about the boom and bust cities of twenty fifteen you know what jumped out at me to is that the naval Marco why we area and was up like for forty-five a ranking points from twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen A Matt seem enormous yeah I think that's all housing and everything that goes along the housing and that shows you how far that's yanky an oh well let's recovering I mean you know the demand is there for housing in Florida and you know determined so many things a determines the job market and you know women Ray determines the tax revenue coming into the state ability to provide services and everything so flooded back I think we can safely concludes right so what else jumped out that you Texas in North Dakota those are sort of the team stage most affected by being what is now be energy bust bench when I mean you know we do you think they're definitely were some city suffering from the plunging oil prices but what we saw in Texas lynched and she is and she send an Dallas are still but still ranked pretty high on the slows the best a swimming cities and that's mainly because they did versified not just depending on energy anymore there's lot of Financial Services there other types it industry insurance healthcare education so churches is still doing pretty well which is I think you give judges credit for so they were saying those Mark North Dakota obviously benefited from opening energy in in North Dakota but you know with number two on the list of small cities and it's also because it has a versified so the lesson I think it's never AP depending on just one industry cut you might rises and we're gonna fall would as well Rick Neumann of Yahoo Financials along with the Rolling Gordon deal it is now up thirteen minutes unfriendly our coming up Jennifer Kaye shrinking has more of America's first news.