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College Basketball

Listen: "Looking for its first spot in the final four since 1984"

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Mike Lawrie
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Sports one ESPN Radio ESPN Radio I'm principal on a here is a great thirty for thirty deal from one eight hundred Flowers get thirty all Rights three threw for only thirty dollars perfect birthdays anniversaries or just because order now what interview Flowers dot com slash ESPN well to final four spots locked up two more to be decided on Easter Sunday in all ACC match up two of them actually in mid west to east regional finals the begin with the Midwest Sunday evening from Chicago get top seeded Virginia looking for its per spot in the final four since nineteen eighty-four taking on a didn't surgeon Syracuse came a tenth seed to five itself nearly eight after a win Friday over Gonzaga will join a five seconds after Perkins penetration photos I don't know if we don't again one three more that go from wins would won the walked by Tyler lied and held field accuse come back over the zagged may have been down eight late in the second half and of winning at sixty thirty sixty Syracuse D allowing fifty-three points a game through the tournaments so far but you be a shot Kosta fifty-seven percent the last time the two played that was at Virginia during the regular season cabs twenty-six in seven on the year they drawn plenty of respect from the Hall of Famer Syracuse head coach Jim Bay October veterans in their they've won big games all that plays into it they have very very good defensive system and they have a much better than people think off offensive system he does what they need him to do he's a very good defensive player he gets when he gets open shots he makes him he gets the ball apiece tough and made it tough drive against us when I was a three point game Virginia real tough drive.