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Listen: "If we didn't have a certain image of Peyton Manning"

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Ezra Shaw
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Now that way so more information what do you have to say about it Don't order doing his or her job it it was so well liked did revered okay Wade certainly image of Peyton Manning if Manning had more of the checkered past it a litany of transgressions on his record if he had to rub people the wrong way if he had offended the media if he added history of being a disruptive or cantankerous or Surly after late it he wanted somebody who there was like a global round if he was then so did and that kind of regard then it I don't think this is even a question but I have a feeling I have a feeling that it went this press conference comes up next week and it showed he went when Manning retires I don't think he's going to get a question former reporter about this I think he's made too many too many Ben Rhodes big it's all stirred too many strong relationships that somebody asked it it would be dawn in touch I don't like I don't want to this but I have to a would be such a defensive question it like a true I hate to bring this up I'm really sorry I don't even think it's worth asking but I've got to do anyways like there's going to be a pretty ample in front of that that just did and if he uses it takes all the pressure off of the person asking at I want to know if somebody could have the courage to go into that Peyton Manning retirement press coverage is a Payton what happened here here to comment on this that retirement princes are not supposed to take a net feel but this is a unique case this might be the last time reporters are given access to Peyton Manning not ever but this isn't relevant it in the news this might be the only time you get a chance to ask Peyton Manning a question like best I think I think he just write I think Manning is going to retire next week I don't see I don't see the devil's advocate I don't see the other side to it and if he does sit in a typical way that is going to give the media an opportunity to ask Manning questions imposing to you if you were allowed ended up press conference but his retirement today I don't know we should all day would you ask Manning the hard question would you ask about the Tennessee incident is that appropriate you think that's not aligned it's but five two one-two four CBS eight five five two one-two four two two seven we're going to find out what you have to say about that next bitter pill opponent in for Martin elusive CBS sports radio.