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Game 7 Analysis: How Will The Toronto Raptors Hold Up Under Pressure Against Miami?

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how much pressure D. the Raptors are facing in Game seven considering the franchise's never advanced to the Eastern Conference finals, you know I I mean probably would say there's a lot of pressure another say, he has already greatly because they got none of the three around that was the biggest hurdle that they had to clear their power that but I'm sure is getting disappoint with Miami being banged up awaiting are known Whiteside, you know getting injured and even entourage had their share of injuries, to losing Game seven at home the Raptors are warning to all time in Game seven, their first win, you know coming, I against Indiana and the other two being one point losses at the buzzer the Vince Carter shot and applaud by Y. Paul Pierce and Kyle Lowry so, I'm sure there a lot of people say and people are saying his before this is your chance to get to the conference finals this is your chance to get there because, you know these does the way it is now indeed you got a jumper the ring,