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College Basketball

Listen: "Maryland, Miami, twenty-eight to one, Notre Dame thirty-three to one with Syracuse and Wisconsin"

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Michael Hickey
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North Carolina seventeen afford Virginia twenty-three before a long of fifteen to two Oregon Nova twelve the one do gauge anyone Indiana and a announce one eight one gets accurate I was State Maryland Miami twenty-eight someone Notre Dame thirty-three to one was series Johnson to Basically they're saying Notre Dame in other words James last than Miami Maryland Iowa State Indians Agatha the middle of the pack and died in EN Atlanta twenty-two Wuhan I have a hard time believing that Indiana doing it I thought they won their big game against Kentucky is they beat North Carolina I'll be shocked I mean I loved watching him play Kentucky Toston beat number to do it again I mean I thank God they got you know five days to get ready for it so they got their hands so I you know the prime I have with North Carolina is their front line is so big I mean they were swatting shots against Providence into the stands putting Indiana's never Bravo their size in rebounding against a North Carolina getting rebounds is going to be I'm a tough commodity Duje today did what I just have a hard time believing they're going to win it I think now all those got a shot at twelve one I like the way to plan for sure now he's gotten pretty good it is a bit they're getting now I'm no respect it all twenty-two one I think I am can be down but they still got to go do it I think we're junior now that Michigan State and I remember on a show I said it a million times Michigan State is not going to win the unsuitable a timeout and I said of a played Virginia get handed lose to one they wouldn't even get that opportunity because they're outs Middle Tennessee made sure that so Virginia if they below this opportunity to go to the Final Four don't matter go so it's in our never for them in and my opinion I think they've got a great shot now they got to get my that journey Iowa stayed tame and then I got to be games added she's won are and I think they can do that I think that you know the Bigger challenge for down believe it or not is Iowa stayed there is senior team and they're going to be a problem for them an average inning as by them I think Del dust off I've been Zach era and juice now I think gains Agassi playing great basketball a juiced plays the best defense in my opinion of anyone in that region and in the Midwest free agents for sure eight five five two one two four two two seven to get.