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NBA Playoffs

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A huge part of this package will be Trump's tax plan which looks to be unveiled tomorrow reportedly will be making cutting the corporate tax rate to fifteen percent, Why didn't get a cabinet post in the Trump administration Governor Christie remains a close advisor to Mr Trump regularly speaking to the president on the phone, after that Trump's first hundred days in office Christy has given him a great of be, And he says the president staff has let him down some of the implementation and some of the ways that his staff a certain has not been extraordinarily good, I think they've got to get their act together in that regard and served the president better christie made the comments last night on CNN on the same program Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren gave Trump an F, clouds and pockets of rain now fifty degrees We'll head up to fifty five with rain throughout the day on and off, WINS News time five away, since six, carmel car service affordable safe and on time, Stuck in traffic again, the old state traffic tip line in time on your commute, six in for Ford GM ten, you, What's your home and good hands with the house at home insurance color your goals the agent today, CBS Thursday the outdoors are so, Remember exam be still exist the kill stores in the new comedy the great indoors who could say no, the only thing tougher than dealing with millennials me that because you're all that life I already regret this. Working with the shackled to death with a bunch of kids who think north faces a celebrity, Did into the great indoors CBS Thursday or stream it live or on demand, the verdict is Tuesdays new hit drama is Bull, comes the fun part, a, It's not enough to tell the truth you have to tell the truth secondly he's jewelry consulted, I change juries minds for a living, See Michael Weatherly is killers of the fan with delirious straight to me is, the bulls, I'm looking forward to it, Michael Weatherly will CBS Tuesday or stream it live or on demand, i've ten to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day your students protested at a Queens home of the last no nazi concentration camp guard living here in America, ninety two years old now Jackie police lives in jackson heights in the students from the private Jewish school in lawrence gathered out in front of his house yesterday, A federal judge it actually issued in order to have police deported in two thousand and four but none of the three countries in that order germany Poland or Ukraine would agree to take him, He had moved here to the United States in nineteen forty nine claiming he was a farmer, two inmates were put to death monday night in Arkansas reporter Sierra Crawford explains why this was a historic move by the state inmates Marcy Williams jack jones have both been put to death making it the first double execution in the West since two thousand williams was sent to death row in nineteen ninety four for raping and killing a twenty two year old female who kidnapped from a gas station. Jones was placed their a year later for a similar crime but also tried to kill his victims eleven year old daughter the move comes as Arkansas tries to execute inmates before the end of the month when one lethal injection drug expires, I'm Sierra Crawford, fifty degrees Clouds and some rain iran's wait up to fifty five WINS news time five eleven, Here's discount tire traffic center now and current stewart morning everybody This report sponsored by mattress for the first New Jersey with us a jack knifed tractor trailer That's rides on the New Jersey Turnpike express lanes, southbound just north of seventy two a for Route four in Fort Lee All lanes are blocked just off the George construction on the palisades park way slowing people down already Northbound two thirteen to fifteen lanes closer to detour posted until six an accident on the Cross Bronx going west his past jerome Avenue two lanes blocked there we've got construction on the FDR which is not what we need here southbound between Exits east seventy third street I should say and a sixty third the right and center lanes closed Also till six AM and in Brooklyn by department activity goes on on those Avenue Southbound gates avenue all into shut there as well, Here's what you need to know that the bridges and tunnels ten minutes in at the hudson's construction at the queen's Midtown and the brooklyn battery tunnel both ways until about five thirty six o'clock this morning will keep you posted an NJ Transit Princeton shuttle is temporarily suspended They've got a mechanical problem substitute bus services being provided and now This message is the final days of matches firms once in a lifetime opportunity to get savings of a lifetime like seventy percent of TempurPedic silly and more only at mattress firm if we're not saying what you're seeing you can let us know the Allstate traffic tip line eight four four champ ten ten That's eight for four or five to six ten ten I'm Aaron stewart on extra four or five twenty one on ten WINS news time five twelve another chance. WINS AccuWeather four day forecast is to live report, Good morning to meteorologist deemed , How's it you keep picking the better days to be inside the last year The else is going to be a rough wanted a folks dress for comfort both Staying dry and war because with his east wind It'll be guessing the fifteen to twenty miles per hour rain at times in some heavy pockets already set to move through here this morning we're going to see temperatures only getting up today in the low to mid fifties Real Feel temperatures will stay in the forties The wrong wind and the rain will continue tonight Glenn is we drop down to a low of just fifty degrees tomorrow rain and drizzle an occasion it's not gonna be I think as wet or is harsh the high going up to sixty two thursday better back to seventy kinda dreary star but i do expect the sun to be out a bit in the afternoon on Thursday and more sunshine and more warmth Friday getting up to seventy sixers one the week on a warm note right now temperature in Midtown fifty degrees the light rain pockets around with a heavier pocket or two of rain coming as we go through the morning end into the afternoon and tonight The high did he do fifty five I'm AccuWeather meteorologist New York's weather station ten ten WINS news time five thirteen, Looks like we're going to get a decision soon maybe today from Nicole Melody talk this the staten island republicans Somebody woman is considering a run for mayor Staten Island advent says doctors will take part in a Republican forum here in manhattan tomorrow. Talk As I said she will only run of grocery store magnet John cats tedious does not, Molly attack attackers has created a new Nicole for New York website as we await word today as what her tensions are she's been taken a national TV talk shows in recent weeks to Uber critical of Mayor de Blasio and his policy, WINS News time five fourteen Mark Renee standing by with sports will get to him and woman looking for a new way to make money look no further drive with Uber earn great money and set your own schedule Uber can help you get a commercial license and will guarantee were twelve hundred fifty dollars a week when you start laws they'll give you a two hundred fifty dollars new driver reward collie four four in Why see dry even if you don't have a car you can rent one for free for two weeks from a participating dealers Hurry This offer won't be around forever So what are you waiting for Call eight four four in Why see Dr four four in my see Dr Terms and conditions apply visit over dot com slash drive NYPD for details, new CBS Wednesday survivors Eddie, twenty of survivors, lot her round breaking it's no holds barred legendary players of all time are now, And they're rewriting playbook, again all stab you in the back and you'll say thank you afterwards big moves are going to be made survivor team Changers. Nothing yet new CBS wednesday or stream it live or on demand, WINS News time five fifteen ten ten win sports time Good morning marketing morning mister shuck It was a recharge the batteries day for the yankees and mets were sponsored by men plus care empty purse burnt both teams were off Monday met have the braves in city field tonight of course weather permitting kerry collins club has lost four straight native nine but hopes W on assessment us back in the lineup though given the expected saggy conditions says might not return from his hamstring issue this evening the ideal Meanwhile up at fenway park were chase heavily and company renew their rivalry with the red Sox always fun, It's always a lot energy in Boston, obviously there one of the teams that we're fighting all year with him What now both teams are chasing the orioles for the top spot in the american league east Baltimore big league best thirteen in five after doubling up the race last night sixty three met Scott within five of the first place nationals is Washington lost of the rockies in colorado eat four nothing doing in the NHL playoffs until tomorrow night Rangers and senators will begin their second round series Thursday up in ottawa blue shirts head coach Elaine video was on the fan Monday with my friends survey, Good matchup for a quarter live, Four lines that we can roll, And, Great goal turning are also there are so we're looking forward to. Earlier this opportunity other eastern conference semi will match the Capitals against the Penguins NBA playoffs the Warriors went for the jugular last night in portland curry goes by the back takes across of courts pulls up twenty eight attack away and, It's twenty, six other first seven three royal Dubs radio Golden State blasting the blazers won twenty eight one three for a four game sweep the hawks believe it a two games each with the Wizards in the raptors went up three two on the Bucks one NFL broke peppers the ex Michigan star by way of premise Catholic tested for a deluded sample which equates to a positive drug test even those agencies peppers only drank way too much water he'd been projected as a mid first rounder in the draft which starts on thursday No one wants to be the sweaty guy at work right to pick up some new dove men plus care ninety one percent of guys who use it recommended sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock marker in a ten ten WINS sports WINS news time five seventy, CBS Monday, Chicago looking for service with a smile, soybeans know everything here is food base, will help you bring places of the twentieth century, You made the twenty first, Oh, is much trademark, are coming to pay em wage health insurance, Do you believe in Providence believe in at all, CBS Monday or stream it live or on demand, you have high blood pressure you may suffer from uncontrolled hypertension mount sinai is looking for volunteers for research study looking at an investigational hypertension treatment volunteers must be between the ages of twenty and eighty with a blood pressure between one fifty and one eighty participants will receive free investigational medical treatment to determine whether it may help improve the management of high blood pressure to see if you're eligible contact mount sinai at one eight seven seven five to six seventy nine That's one eight seven seven five to six seventy nine oh. Go to the DMV the Visit a car dealership the carpet USA dot com It's the smart easy, Next newer used car pro buying experience the gold coast cabin, This, clouds of the city some pockets of rain as well fifty with the Real Feel forty three, WINS News time five nineteen How would you like to have your own personal concierge Patricia McCann here I'm serious it's an idea whose time has come life has never been this hectic nonstop new weren't room to live at the details taken care of and that's what Custom Care Concierge does they get to know you customize their services to fit your needs your mother lives alone Custom Care Concierge does meal prep arrange transportation pays bills family trip this spring Custom Care Concierge makes it happen from every day task to your charity gala next month They do it all charter luxury got tickets for Hamilton done their services are extensive staff is dedicated competent vetted insured the best in class service all you do is delegate Custom Care Concierge delivers call five one six care for me five one six care for me or click Custom Care Concierge dot com Custom Care Concierge dot com making ten ten WINS your number one choice for news in New York, News all the time, You give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world, Good morning fifty degrees Clouds and some rain in the area now at five twenty, able twenty one Here's what's happening. It is one of the safest places in our city battery park but there were bullets flying around there yesterday John markdowns at the scene this morning to tell us what's happening If they found that shooter non, Wait today and tomorrow for fallen Queens firefighter william tally Steven solar tunnel the towers organization has announced they'll pay off tolleys family mortgage for their homeland, recent travels at penn station as the railroad considering suing Amtrak Samantha lead minutes at ten this morning get some reaction from commuters, Well Riley making his first extended common sense he was dropped by Fox News last week, winds Accu Weather rain windy chilly real feels in the forties temperatures in the low fifty with some leftover showers hanging around tomorrow, Market abnd and red sanctuary the rivalry this evening at Fenway the mets of the braves jimmy field and the Warriors set, be a record on their way to a first round sweet, This is after all day of labor readings of housing and consumer confidence highlight the slate of economic reports this morning google autonomous cars are now world ready, queens News time five twenty one, back to the gods Traffic Center now the update from currents do, Glenn and here's what we need to know that area and tunnels GWB lincoln and holland still ten minutes in that although I can tell you the Lincoln Tunnel inbound just a little while ago packed with tractor trailers and trucks going inbound into your easter crossings rugs inactive light snow in the RKO all good shape equipment until has construction both ways trucks are banned during that construction closure and at the brooklyn battery got construction both ways one line open up by thirty quarter of six want to open a to a traffic mass transit subways your Manhattan ones and brooklyn bound to express only from ninety six to forty second street did this problems at seventy nine NJ Transit Princeton shuttle is temporarily suspended substitute bus service is being provided in that case in New Jersey looks like a jack knifed tractor trailers bringing much cleared on the New Jersey Turnpike southbound north of seventy two a and Fort Lee watch for residual delays accident on the key kiwi going west approaching the you skill The left lane is blocked and construction on the FDR will slow you down south on this morning seventy third to sixty third street the mets are home tonight Alternate side parking rules are in effect and karen stewart Your next report five thirty one on ten WINS Duran rentals the most trusted name in construction equipment rentals. Three empty rentals now with seven New York locations in the bronx governmental realm sport flushing mount vernon and west WINS news time five twenty two battery parks known for being one of the safest places to be in our city but bullets were flying around there in broad daylight yesterday, winds John Montana explains what was happening live report from lower Manhattan , Glenn three fifteen on april afternoon the streets packed with tourists and folks going about their business one suddenly says susan, It's hard to vary loud, noises, them has begun chat live on the scene and water seen it was people scattering as gunfire erupted one bolt hit a thirty six year old woman in the leg another stray shot grazed the forty year old man in the chest it all apparently started as a beef between two guys hawking tickets to liberty and ellis silence police officers swarmed the area and grabbed the guy down on the subway balked after questioning him they let him go John mom tone ten and winced live at the shooting See battery park WINS news time five twenty three The Steven seller terminal towers Foundation stepped up again for the family this time of fallen Queens firefighter william francs seller says it will never be possible to understand why and dangerous job will take one life and spare another but when it happens as it had to his brother the best thing a community can do a say thank you with words and action We all going to pay off the mortgage for firefighter william police house one less burden he says for tallies wife marie who held their eight year old daughter Bella hand overcome with grief and gratitude we want to say thank you from. Tim's officially identified now two year old chase Lipford ten year old, Ray Sean Matthew sixteen year old Jay Fox worth seventeen year old Melody Edwards on twenty year old destiny donnas a six person forty six year old maurice Matthews escaped at a second floor window mission and I grosses were no working smoke detectors in that house, Long Island story we're following has been fired from his job after he took time off to care for his daughter who has cancer McCarthy is a registered nurse Dale view care center in farming Dale his five year old daughter Cassidy's very sick McCarthy's now suing is former employer he says he was told he must take unpaid family leave rather than vacation time then they ended up fired McCarthy says his family now has no insurance to cover his daughters treatment and again he is an attorney, pockets rain around otherwise clouds in your area and that the rain throughout the area this morning forty three the real feel fifty as we had to fifty five, WINS News time five twenty six Now Bloomberg Money Watch live on tens and winds with Andrew day, following an uncharacteristically warm February both for the weather and the nation's housing market there was a downturn for both in march at least the bet this morning we get the reading of march new home sales on the Commerce Department of one and a half percent slip is forecast We also get the report covering median home prices from S & P case Schiller along with those get a peek into the collective American psyche coverage boards weaving of april consumer confidence also comes our way this morning. Added that us gaming three nasdaq futures up eight, after almost a decade of research group autonomous car project is about to become the real thing flooding people in Phoenix line up to use its customized self driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans but they can take over and drive if needed unit called william oh is already tested the technology but only with Google employees and contractors is would be its first real world experience Bloomberg Money Watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour I'm Andrew day for ten ten wins, WINS News time five twenty seven feeling lucky you could be the next big come win big an empire City Casino with our current jackpot now liberal one point four million try your hand at electron blackjack record poker roulette craps and more only one short drive away empires, offers nonstop excitement fun and winning all day every day joined the Empire club for free and plant a one hundred dollars on us with a newest and most popular slots live music big promotions and year round harness racing empire City Casino is the place to be empire City Casino game on, CBS Sunday This is our secretary of state, madame secretary is a diplomat you must respect the process, process, We're going to break down of visionary, only impossible if we fail to try and a patriot Mr President you need, We need means Secretary of State daily owning is madame secretary, This is CBS Sunday or stream it live or on demand.