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Listen: "Be a big government paying for and tax dollars supplemental"

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With although the subsidies course that puts people in the government Dolan mixed and connected to be a big government paying for and tax dollars supplemental pick it really doesn't make for a small business much sense for them to provide coverage begins speaking to Alonzo these Affordable Care I'm things in pay let's yeah that's exactly right so one of the concept that were always concerned about one look at health policies a concept notice that out and that basically be ideas that the public sector government sponsored average crowds out covers provided by the private sector whether it's by large import a small employers inherently right first small employers who need you know are looking at their bottom line that's very difficult to imagine the piece on a consolation to come out favorably if in fact they are offering coverage to to to the So it's just not nearly eight financially good proposition from any business Will any employees who figuring it out if they're paying a copay or a deductible to their Boston tried a Carrie you know some planet the company's try to do and then they can leave and go to the government and if they make eczema dollars they get the rebate or subsidy then they're getting wise to this through their jumping ship and do another that's really happy with the plans I'm I'm told since some of these plans don't really offer much yeah that's right so many have plans really the problem is that this is not a generous as people expect so they have a much higher deductibles for example the people expect it is you alluded to earlier access this certain positions and hospitals may be limited and so these aren't the plan is the people you know I think they're assigning up four and then once they go to somebody used them what they realize you know hey this is a lot less generous in we expected then you know that part of the problem with people care act created a situation where there's political pressure on insurers to keep their premiums of low impossible but if you're in ensuring You have to provide more generous benefit Swisher required to do now entity Affordable Care Act and you're you've got some pressure the tried a key premiums is low she can he only place less could go this could begin the cut activist a certain positions and services and that the problem were seeing what Obama care or two dropped out of the plans itself is we've seen one of the major tears second pitted may not be back for being involved right right so you know United Healthcare which is one of the nation's is not that that the biggest insure in the country has suggested that that you know they're not interested in participating in me Affordable Care Act exchanges because it's a bad financial proposition for them and my guess is that you know they're not be only one score considering he did not make this be it as frankly a bad deal now went to be insurance come he's going to get some sort of subsidy in has that been stopped Woodson latest on that you know the stuff but a value yeah so the basically what Obama care provided for were mechanisms help compensate insurers if if they ended up losing money on Obamacare and and how that what happened basically is that you know insurers make any estimate of house their insured population is gonna be at as a result health sick day population is determined the so much healthcare that population uses a silly insurance company it's a bit very basic in on the calculation they collected more in premiums and they have the pay out in claims well the challenge without Obamacare is very early on insurers realizes not gonna be a good deal for what's gonna happen and a lot of people who need health insurance it signed up and a lot of people who were healthy mayor may not sign up and so they negotiated Withey Obama administration 80 provision.