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Listen: "Adding to its regular season title in the ACC with a sixty one fifty seven victory"

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Ed Zurga
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Which player on a middle defender Ehlers enough stars there are still some familiar big names that are looking at getting topple regional seeds in the NCAA tournaments like top ranked Kansas which once again won the tournament title in the Big twelve to pry wasn't the most artistic games as both teams had a lot of turnovers both teams competed hard and it was a good game and again which was tough and and certainly I'm very proud of our team coach Bill Self talking about the Jayhawks eighty one seventy one win over West Virginia North Carolina State fits claim for a top line entry in the sixty-eight team Field adding to its regular season title in the ACC with a sixty one fifty seven victory over number four Virginia played yesterday by the nineteen points scored by troll Barry notices on about me it's about our team While we compete every day in practice together this is what we compete for and we were able to come out here together and get this win number two Michigan State would presumably lock up a top seeded fifth beats per do today in Indianapolis In The Big Ten final does number three Villanova lose all one seed after losing yesterday's big these tournaments championship the Wildcats fell to honor rank seen all sixty-nine to sixty seventh so if not Nova how about Oregon accelerate triples out but what's the roles never want to celebrate should really Oregon dogs as but conference champions has plummeted twice on west would won the dots also won both the regular season and tournaments championships in the pack twelve finishing the job of static late dominating Utah eighty-eight to fifty-seven to the pros were Golden State got a scare from Phoenix and we got outplayed tonight threw for three quarters fortunately we had enough time to put down in the fourth great fourth quarter those first three posting a really ticket to us.