Listen: "You know, the appeal National Football League"

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Maddie Meyer
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However a couple other things I want an apology before we let you go number one you know the court case you know the appeal National Football League it seems to me that and in some way shape or form in my not before games but that Tom Brady is going to serve some sort of suspension here with the placate you know I have I don't think that as a look we don't know the courts are going to do right what they have learned yeah watch Hot years of how the kid cover things that wound up in the court so you know I don't think we get there definitively that said but week when this rounds the circuit Court would like but I can say other good doesn't it I don't know what the different direction also is expected because I think most people expected looking at The and all but there were two local judge is not that I looking at the history of the circuit Court but they generally don't like to overturn the third decision that this better than other federal judge May you know if you like everything whether Brady is favor what is it what I mean there's the couple because balky on course for the fact that they thought the evidence but compelling you know text messages with all that is compelling and that they didn't by a lot of Brady to explanations effect so in to tell thumping of course doing out well breaking a softball so you know I I did that there's a good chance now goalie learns if not the league does went that to me that has him about Brady anymore to me that his about for the NFL's with the puck control over the work first so the league could be looking good negotiate going really say okay we want to get out of this now spirit we had the lead nobody wanted that we're going to help with the president center so other players won't take this thing into the federal court system in the future we just want to make sure you have now so we don't have to go two back to the beautiful panel of judges or I don't because reported that the case but you know I mean there's always the chance we just want.