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Listen: "North Carolina, the only number one seed to make the Final Four"

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Streeter Lecka
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Yes it is needs work at seventy seventh the people here Carolina goes on the winded by an eighty three two six the six tally so North Carolina the only number one seed to make the final four makes a look easy as Kennedy Meeks hasn't self fifteen points to go along with eight rebounds one assist West Ward won on the call Trevor Cooney a solid game in a losing effort for the Q's he had twenty-two points five rebounds and one a says North Carolina will take on gone over a battle of the twos villain although and Oklahoma who many through EL has the best player in the country buddy yielding was expected to win this game villain all the had other ideas although wants to do that thirty-one years one the Sooners if you don't long lop sided three in mind history nine why the one bill in wins my own record forty or more points you go west would won with Vick Hall buddy healed had just nine points one starter for Boomer sooner in double figures meanwhile six players for starters into bench players in double figures for gone over North Carolina's open up by the way for Monday Night as a small favorite winners in the NBA including the Pistons Pacers along with the Spurs yes it home thirty-nine in all about the Kings and the trailblazers misses NBC Sports Radio.