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Mets' GM Reveals Latest On Jacob deGrom's Injury

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Alderson alderson jacob jacob has has had had issues issues with with the the ulnar ulnar nerve nerve in in his his right right elbow elbow i'm i'm not not unusual unusual following following tommy tommy john john surgery surgery even even this this period period of of time time after after that that surgery surgery he he threw threw bullpen bullpen yesterday yesterday it it felt felt great great when when out out outfielder outfielder through through a a threw threw a a ball ball and and i i am am um um and and some some some some pain pain as as a a result result so so he he will will not not pitch pitch tomorrow tomorrow the the it's it's unlikely unlikely that that he he will will pitch pitch the the rest rest of of the the season season we'll we'll see see it's it's likely likely that that this this will will require require a a surgical surgical repair repair not not a a significant significant procedure procedure significant significant surgical surgical procedure procedure at at least least with with respect respect to to risk risk going going forward forward but but if if something something it it will will have have to to take take place place at at some some point point the the world world one one seven seven games games with with a a ra ra just just evolved evolved three three for for the the season season but but was was owen owen three three with with a a knee knee are are a a pushing pushing ten ten runs runs a a game game in in his his final final three three starts starts trade trade talk talk wireless wireless nationwide nationwide coverage coverage on on america's america's largest largest and and most most dependable dependable networks networks while while the the mets mets turn turn the the page page on on a a cron cron they they have have high high hopes hopes for for steven steven matz matz after after the the lefty lefty through through a a thirty thirty pitch pitch bullpen bullpen on on saturday saturday the the team team will will see see how how he he feels feels on on sunday sunday before before announcing announcing in in next next possible possible step step towards towards getting getting him him back back on on the the mound mound he he hasn't hasn't pitched pitched in in a a month month because because of of shoulder shoulder issues.