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Listen: "Beyond all of the Hoops, all the bells and whistles, Medicare is an existing program"

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Spencer Platt
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A formula look at any idea but yes Reverend Obamacare has its many challenges of course I'm a supporter of a single pair Medicare for all play at the went on thing is that it would get hit invention you just even beyond all of the Hoops all the bells and whistles Medicare used an existing program but Al to lean plead his you you know it's good to access to care may be the perfect everywhere they get too so much more and what I would guess is that in a believe it it met in that County there you can take a depth that have been taken in other places to provide eight Geren pay for these people who've been so brutally battered and so along with big you could get the recognition not merely you know an emergency or some sort of problem but it does that after listen and he's on an this morning has to has that has to go the winner with as one color think would be a via to some long before she goes Russell around the mayor a from these loss as a morning there is Los Angeles good morning just California right yeah he stole any like polish from Catholic from come from much website and here I am the middle of the late I really rather about thirty like for real and I knew I have to being used I want people to get to for paper I played with Baker Gord broke because of the economy and the guys so I know I used to be a teacher my husband with an engineer and leader all broke and it because we didn't out with his where you're retired keeper league depend on our people that are living here to give the trend they can get shots they can get job any their Devellano where they're not Lacy Andy can not buying burnie but highlight for any get I think you're going to get the job done a real you know because he plans to keep playing look for structure and then get slowed by bruises and pick right get what people working and you can get people were killed without Cactus heading into and get catch with that it gave them get with the other does newsmen Americans isn't signed in some own.