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Civil War Spies: How Grant's Secret Service Chief Pioneered Military Intelligence

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the civil war comes long, friend Bill Dodge and Iowa and is named these Brigade commander thee fourth I will volunteers he sent a DC to acquire six thousand must kids he does so a brilliant manned now self training as a combat leader than he sent be cousin incompetent political general which was the disease of the Union Forces if you know anything about the civil war and incompetent political appointee general is sending his troops on pointless raids emissions and he realized you know the key here is to not do things like this based on rumor so he begins, something that he calls a chorus caps later on a becomes a modern intelligence cord denies seeds army rental Dodge was such a natural to the stuff but he figured out that the uses scouts with good guys in uniform writing and formation D behind enemy lines coming back with information about trains and bridges that were up in bridges that were down you know etcetera that he realized there's another kind of intelligence intelligence and even get and that is intelligence of, be insurgent so is organization became part of the union Bureau of military information end Grand Old Dodge began running personally his own undercover agents deep inside the self, these were freed slaves that he actually convinced a go back these where native white southerners who didn't agree with because and the reason so the war, his agents were run so well and this what's extraordinary about rental Dodge there was no handbook in eighteen sixty three how to run cut outs powder run residents there that you know there was no KGB handbook there was no show called me Americans in FX made up as he won along end he got it right