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Listen: "What if we don't like Peyton Manning?"

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Mike Lawrie
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Hi John how you doing today I am not bad well I don't think it would be appropriate to grind it out but his time there will be plenty of other opportunities for this issue it could be current your eyes ten what if we don't like what we didn't like Peyton Manning won it like I can and I'm just saying I I can't picture if it Cam Newton are Tom Brady there were involved in something like this I don't feel like there would be the same level of not intimidation but at the same level love reluctance to ask the hard question I can I think it's Bird something like this happen when Ben Roethlisberger would be outside world say now don't ask is it only because is so well liked that we don't want ruin the party it's his retirement let him have his date let him have won more moment in the spotlight and then once that is over and done with then we can get back to having a more serious more delicate more complicated conversation about him Sterling in Portland Oregon is on CBS sports radio.