Listen: "We've got Hall of Famers, not to mention names but it rhymes work Eichel Merman..."

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Cliff McBride
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What's going on volleys we have to bounce man I'm good I wish I could here you more often the No Jeff for Reid and mum nice to get PDO the bath that like it's our wide some r e why I'm out actually got not on the speeding ticket because they had at all my driver's license r e wide not one of them why that's a great way to do that Swedes had with a miserable differently than other people I like that the other thing you know talking about you know the drawn to battle each Semin will get Hall of Famers I mean not to mention names but it rhymes work eichel Mermaid was caught enough forty dollar hotel you know I mean come on in and I'm from Dallas and use all Famer and it's nice you know Come on I do this I did what we don't know these as situation here with Mike Davies a we may have to let it play out and he is seeing Zach what happens this Dallas to a goal please rolled through your top ten eventually on the Draft picks Dallas is for you were stamp by the other day which to me the death but please rolled through the Top and then to date he's the tertiary opinion the top ten I don't know he has not done that draft team that's a timetable to Talbot Zane top ten in general yes and I think that the Stars are going to get I mean the Rangers are hit the World Series they won't although he won it this year but they're going to top end talent underneath and I think that the Cowboys if they can do it right Bill might have it said it's just a dual gets it Ozuna joust or you know I'm even as he was the best player in the Draft is probably Joey Bowser the defensive end form from while state I'm a little gets underway June Ramsey of quarterback the they're me console offsides attacks and will miss who could be number one could be number one I know we care a lot about Carson went I can I don't know I can't tell you about Carson once magazine why you oh yeah but we don't feel them Carson words I haven't I'm not a fully when goal the phone he's out there who was screaming when that when the Knicks drafted Kristaps has in years always the ball not to draft him yeah.