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Listen: "I do think we need to empower parents"

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Olivier Douliery
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People better parents and no matter how hard you try and how much you want to help his only so much you can do about that as well I do think when you do on our parents is one of the reasons why Mike attack plan that I proposed increases the perch out that I've been criticized for that five for example the Wall Street Journal and others they don't like the perch out tax credit but I don't understand why we live in a country where they business invest money in a piece of equipment they get to write off their taxes but of a working Parent invest more money in their children base they don't get to write that after taxes this is their money or out what Ryan arguing is that working parents to be allowed to keep more their own money they have the resources that it takes to raise the children it's expensive to raise children in the twenty first century my tax plan recognizes that but ultimately I think your question goes to the core something we need to remind ourselves there is not a federal government solutions every problem in our country that does not mean that our leaders should not spend that time to tell people that what happens in our house In your house is often times much more important what happens in the White House the most important job I will ever have will not be President of the United States it will be to be a father in my for children and and and I think.