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Listen: "Won't be there, he was the Co-MVP with Randy White"

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Team to play against each other i'm looking forward to the the pre-game ceremony and if you haven't heard about it they are bringing back I think every single should the ball and PP he's a life who's a lot more unit Jori beat the stadium by a video Bart Starr due to health issues did make it he won the first two shoehorn the Peas Hill appear via a video has will losing Early on Chuck out who is the only player from a losing team to ever win the should goalie peak he will also appear via video Cowboys DE Harvey Martin is no longer with us obviously won't be there he was the Cone PP with Randy White but it from the most of it I think every other should won't be p be that well look Abby up there are some guys who are working with Peyton Manning's kind of work and Peyton is not going to be involved in the ceremony he's he's got some stops this is working correct of John Elway is working right shoulder those three guys right those three guys in that accounted for a handful of and be piece is able are there because they're working NJ one one in one form or the other i'm Nemeth stall back Len Dawson Jake Scott Zaza Franco Harris once won the little Call Radio y Jim Plunkett John Riggins Marcus Allen richer Dent Hope busy in their dif to I'm done Williams Jerry Rice Mark Rypien Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith Steve Young Larry Brown Desmond Howard Terrelle Davis Kurt Warner Ray Lewis maybe wears white su Dexter Jackson Deion Branch Hines Ward San Antonio Holmes brees Aaron Rodgers Joe Flacco and Malcolm Smith all scheduled to appear that's a good job that is a good job out of those guys that is getting I'm trying to think you ran through that thing so fast I was trying to see if there was a name are two that were missing but not only serious I think they've got everybody that's pretty good and there's been forty nine and PP awards handed out i'm actually fifty if you won't count the Calder was fifty Randy White all but I mean will say forty nine OK but that have been handed out you guys have one multiples Bart Starr won a couple Montana won a few Brady won a few who else on the shows one two one too so I think everybody I think everybody that they can be there were two guys who can't be there will be there via video and I was one guy In Harvey Martin for forty passed away on back in two thousand one point in fifteen years his hard work passed away middle all-time are coming off soft Carolina Panthers I'll be joined by Bill both the Carolina Panthers reporter for the Black and Blue Review will before we do when we remind you that a rather auto parts as everything you need to keep your vehicle posting Warren from changing the right in and you to replace Jeter windshield wiper Blades O'Reilly will get your current truck in Friday's Shaffer the cold weather ran over parts better parts better Price's everyday Carolina Panthers will build both from the Black and Blue Review.