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Listen: "Major League Baseball Opening Day festivities continuing throughout the League"

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He was one NCAA radio network Jenkins may admit game winner but he gave credit to his teammate with the ss Ryan ought to be back in the man is it's what about that I've ever played with for seniors to get the ball and make the right play in knots on a tight tightest you to blow it in double Kelvin's does owns a lot about knows what he's about he's is all about winning Ryan are to the act no finished with sixteen points he was named Dirk quarter me most outstanding player Major League Baseball Opening Day festivities continuing throughout the league G carry out through seven innings of shutout baseball allowing two hits striking out six as the Cubs nineteen Joe's ninth in nothing Clayton Kershaw out with a seven inning shutout effort against the Hodge racial breaking out nine allowing just one hit as the Dodgers play Rodgers fifteen to nothing Speaking of history Trevor Story becomes the first rookie to hit two home runs in his big league debut on Opening Day as the Rockies beat the Diamondbacks tend to five elsewhere with Toronto a five three win over Tampa Bay with Chicago over Oakland four to read Cincinnati beat Philadelphia sixty-two in ten innings Wash then got my out with the fourth ready for the full scoreboard head to NBC Sports Radio dot com seidenberg you're listening NBC Sports Radio he and Wide Receiver of money too Manning as the ball delivers the football on Monday to start touchdown in Games four three he's going with the money into sports I'm only two scores what he did.