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Listen: "A new surveys says that many low income families are under connected"

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<silence> you can call it a digital divide a new surveys says that many low income families are under connected in many cases getting by with only a single Internet connected computer were quite often with Mobile only entered access through smart phone or to the findings are in a report from the Joan games Cody center rach says we workshop the creators assessing the street us a today education reporter Greg top bow joins us now with the details of this new survey Greg break it down for us so the committee Center which is really focused these days audience son during a kids and families Smith access to really high quality material online which includes interested and finding out just what people setups were in their homes you know what kinds of Internet collective it they have and so they did this pretty message survey of some smothering low income families and what they fell was kind of surprising that Internet access is almost universal for ninety four percent of families have it but that a lot of families for the low-income families and modern come families you have the kind of anemic connections in there either the entire Kelly's connected maybe by just one cell phone where they have a low cost a connection that's just know one computer from and no Wi-Fi on what and the term days calling for this is under connected now you senior article that what it comes down to would affect is that the old digital divide no longer replies we've basically have a new divide to talk about you know the for years we've been talking about Well if we just get everybody connected to the Internet everything will be saw night because that's what's Katie already if you to defend and that's what I think been guiding a lot of us overwork on this you know a lot of Internet companies you're saying OK. You know we'll get to connected for free or for very low-cost and off your guy so what they're finding with what this survey is that it's a little bit more complicated than that you can just get the connection you have to have a connection that is basically useful for a family imagine if you're either know we're situation the Mets McHugh had you know a spell sin a couple kids in the and everyone was just trying to get on the internet with your eye following up there with a wooden quite work for on the phone right now with us a two-day reporter Greg top overhead and Greg we're talking about this new survey out from the Joan gains could be setter about under connected low to moderate income families having trouble staying connected as many are and getting beyond the the electronic seven or the Digital part of it the gap in the surveyed talks about the fact that it's now hurting children's ability to be successful in school and other areas what about that return whenever you know not some of those things where you know kind of when you know we kind of Week up one morning and realize that you know having the Internet for for a kid especially in teenager is becoming kind of an essential that school Hill's much of a fun thing to no tendr Kane ourselves was that a lot of times you know teachers are assigned and homework what can only be dove on the other end up for their asking students to work together after score collaborate will be part of a group coverage attention I can tell you how many times in the past couple years I talked to students who will work of to Facebook group into their homework or to work together on assignment so it's not just the kind of the nicest thing to have any more the sort of essential Greg thinks that he's us a today education reporter Greg topple it is now twenty one minutes in from the our on this morning America's Spurs news and in the podcast today take a look at ways to make the most of these incredibly load guess Price's nationwide even here that report our website this morning with Gordon deal dot com.