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Listen: "Look at the way this election is going, it's like a reality show"

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Darren McCollester
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Working talking to a million people during the course of your career is still ongoing what is it about Hillary Clinton and stepped out of your I like Carolina like are both of you Dyke turns allowed a women off why is this a problem for her I think she has a real problem with trust I don't I think people think that she's dishonest side to gets across the board men and women so it's a perception I do it Atlanta com and you know it's funny I have a friend who is I think under normal circumstances would be very pro Hillary inch she says even Hillary's voice trends were on that out you know has a guy it's sort of different but this is a very liberal thinking smart woman and that was it something about her the visceral with a lot of people you know I think my I hate to say it but I do think just the fact that she is a she a woman I still think that you've done and that's all of it I do you know I don't I I mean I know you saying that the Kleins have had their baggage but we're not like other countries in some ways in in for the firm for many reasons that's great but in some reasons I felt were backward and week-old women to a higher critique and I find myself doing it I remember when when she was running and there's initially I thought she should sticks her hair well I want to have a young I definitely getting critic of an errant America he added I started thing and we are such a look at the before the selections going were only shine have Donald Trump because I mean it's really insane and and you would think that she's the logical one in yet people are still everybody's criticize and everything and when she talk Silva Friday which she tries to do right it's one exactly merit of said it's screeching and it's annoying but will continue this conversation when you get back from Elway I like that because this reality show has turned into survivor which are all the rugged emphasis and the laying in darcis is a fine on I got with a rope who unfold falls is hadn't alright well for on those events in this business it's highly entertaining I'm from the country not so good for the country it's scary it is scary we're at a very different time but we're going to talk again and those in our audience can be part of it thank you very much merit.