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Listen: They did give him may huge ceremony at a great tribute an I'm jealous I want a piece of the park at

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It's After hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports radio so nosedive Currie big problems on the Warriors will do a little more basketball later Audie Cole has Kobe Bryant had a spinal game in Boston no it won the victory for the Lakers only their sixth of the year so will do that you'll hear from couple we'll hear from the celtics Spain is too big as they did as I predicted I don't do many predictions when I do I'm always right as I predicted They did give him may huge ceremony at a great tribute an I'm jealous I want a piece of the park at simple do more basketball but let's turn our attention a football it'll be here shall we we got some answers on Wednesday night Out of Philadelphia from owner Jeffrey Loria why why did he fired should Kelly Why did he fired should Kelly in Week 16 what is he looking for any is next higher which I I think it's safe to say is looking pretty opposite of Jim Kelly So let's give some of these answers here Kelly had they ability to do whatever he wanna with personnel anything you want it it didn't work An when he went to Chia an said hey we would like to give those GM hours back to someone in the front office chips said no An Loria fired him so that much we know what about the timing why didn't happen before any end of the regular season I knew already what we're gonna do enough I've having six extra days was was pretty important is as you know once a chaotic a Russian schedule when you're when you're looking for a head coach was sure we talked about speculator this last night there's gonna be a lot of chaos a massive coaching carousel though Buffalo will not be part of that will get that there is a timeline that will happen in this off season I did the CBS Sports Minute on just the chaos of what they all season will bring An Jeffrey Loria thought hey if we can get any kind of a jump On the rest of the NFL well let's do an end did you hear the conviction and his voice I already knew what I was going to do we already had made the decision and this is again after his conversation big It wasn't any hours in the days after they got hammered by the Washington Redskins last Saturday night so Lowrie one and they get the jump since he already had made the decision Anze you can also hear him say it but this will be the last time he ever gives up coach this ultimate power over personnel decisions as well as what he does with those guys in the locker room and on the field in this case chip I think there were some very good reasons to being bold about what he wanted to be able to accomplish into however you know going forward I think game much more collaborative approach between player personnel and coaching is is the winning go in other words it once they failed experiment Lowrie had some reasons it didn't work he went a chip and said were gonna give that personnel power back to the front office chip Balkan said no I'd rather be fired Lewis was so Lowrie with only happy to accommodate I wonder he did bring in one Donald Trump backs I think Trump is very busy right now so they're realize the crowd says the not a big secret here so all of the mystery moving forward though is well Jim Kelly may get another job in the NFL and be will he be able to adjust Will he be able to take what works because I maybe only one but I do believe that a lot of what should Kelly can bring to the table in the NFL As bright it's innovative it's created an he's committed to it if not all bad his management style ran off his management style not student pretty NFL we talked about that last night what he want to do what they all fans that I do think that working and you got the right guys but it's almost like he couldn't see the fourth with a tree there were still committed to insist dominance culture again not all bad he had to be is where the high way and there were still flexibility there was no compromise.